Winter in Kyoto

There was a bright glow in my bedroom when I opened my eyes this morning. That light and the particularly cold nip in the air told me before I even looked out the window that it had snowed during the night. At left you can see the snapshot I took from my upstairs window. Snow covered the tiled roof of my house and dusted the camelia trees of the temple across the street.

We don’t get a lot of snow in Kyoto — a fact for which, my little California soul is quite grateful. But the lovely gracefulness of Kyoto sites become all the more glorious with a gentle touch of winter white. Below is a picture of Kinkakuji, the famed Golden Pavilion of Kyoto. On a normal day, its just a 15 to 20 minute bike ride from my house.

Of course, snow makes that ride just a little bit more challenging.

So maybe it’s just a very, very good day to stay inside with my sewing machine.

2 thoughts on “Winter in Kyoto

  1. Ayesha Andrews

    the bikes made me laugh…
    quite challenging, indeed:^}}}

    i was just glancing over at the b e a utiful kimono you sent me and thought i would take a little visit somewhere a bit more distant…
    i hope the weather is treating you well, prettylady!
    have a wonderful day….peace

  2. jamezu

    I really like the kinkakuji picture you have, i wished i saw it when it’s covered with snow.
    I really miss Kyoto so much, it’s a beautiful city.

    About the bikes.. it’s hilarious

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