Christmas morning comes every month in Kyoto

…because the 25th of each month is the flea market at Kitano Tenmangu.
True, you need to travel a little further than the Christmas tree in the down stairs living room to find those wondrous surprise that await you. But the trip to Kitano shrine is just a 10-minute bicycle ride from my house, and that’s where the fun begins.

flea market boothsIn the gardens and streets surrounding the shrine, vendors of every exotic treasure imaginable display their wares in a myriad of little stalls packed one right after the other.

So, stroll past the porcelain, ceramicsstop to swoon over the Imari, imarisneak past the sweet shops sweets with their elaborate little treats (you can click on the picture, if you want a bigger peek), spend a few moments browsing the antiques. Then keep going till you come to kimono. Kimono on racks, kimonokimono in stacks kimonoand kimono in piles on the floor.flea market kimono

oo-oo-oh! it’s just like Christmas morning!

3 thoughts on “Christmas morning comes every month in Kyoto

  1. michele

    Perhaps this is not the same market, but I visited something just like it when I traveled to kyoto 18 years ago. It felt like Christmas morning to me, too! I was visiting my sister, MB. She directed me to your blog. I have been enjoying it! Thanks.

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