The Lotus Set


The Lotus —  quintessential flower of the East.  Considered one of the oldest of flowering plants, the lotus has been a source of inspiration to poets and artists throughout Asia for several thousand years.

This set contains fifteen files plus a split version of the tall vertical file so that it can be stitched in two hoopings of the 5 x 7 hoop.

The complete vertical lotus measures 1.87 x 8.56 inches (47.6 x 217.4mm) and fits the 6 x 10 hoop, 12,120 stitches. For those without a larger hoop, a split version of the design is available for the 5 x 7 hoop. A pdf file with instructions for accurate placement when stitching the split files is included with the set.

To create an endless border, there are three segments that each fit the 5 x 7 hoop. Of course, any of these segments can also be used individually.  Segment 1 measures 2.10 x 6.60 inches (53.4 x 167.6 mm), 11,887 stitches; Segment 2 measures 2.00 x 5.92 inches(49.1 x 150.4 mm), 9,817 stitches; Segment 3 measures 2.10 x 5.93 inches (53.4 x 150.6 mm), 10,494 stitches.

Each of the lotus squares shown above measures 3.38 x 3.37 inches (85.9 x 85.7mm), Square 1: 9,015 stitches; Square 2: 9,141 stitches; Square 3: 9,155 stitches; Square 4: 8,965 stitches.

Two files contain a larger and smaller version of a blank lattice square ready for you to insert a name or initial of your own choosing. Sample stitchouts showing names/initials I put together for my own friends are shown at right. There is a smaller square measuring 3.38 x 3.37 inches (85.9 x 85.7mm), and a slightly larger square measuring 3.94 x 3.94 inches (100.1 x 100 mm).

Each of the lotus circles shown above measures 2.53 x 2.50 inches (64.2 x 63.4mm), Circle 1: 4,509 stitches; Circle 2: 4,919 stitches; Circle 3: 4,918 stitches; Circle 4: 4,660.

The lotus cloud measures 7.00 x 3.00 inches (179.4 x 76.2 mm) and fits the 5 x 7 hoop, 16,065 stitches.

This set is available in JEF, VP3, PES and HUS.

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