Morning Glories


This morning glory design is derived from an embroidered pillow I saw saw at the Korean National Embroidery Museum in Seoul.  The designs were stitched in a charming Korean prim style of folk embroidery called “min-su”.  Flowers were considered a particularly restful image to use when decorating bedding, and morning glories, which grow wild  in Korea, are a particularly popular folk motif for pillows and other home decor items.

Morning glories come in so many shades of rich and beautiful colors that I hope you will have fun stitching these designs in a wide array of blues, lavenders, magentas, fuschias and purples.

embroidered morning gloriesThis set contains several versions of the same motif: a larger version measuring 3.5 x 2.2 inches (91.0×55.5 mm, 5,804 stitches) and a tiny “charm” version measuring 2.3 x 1.4 inches (58.6 x 35.9 mm, 3144 stitches). Each of these can be stitched using the 4×4 hoop.embroidered morning gloriesembroidered morning gloriesThere are also two files for the 5×7 hoop with repeats of the tiny motif that have each been color sorted for easier stitching. One version allows each flower to be stitched in a different color and the other is set for a single floral color. Each of these files measures 7.0 x 1.4 inches (178.5×35.9 mm). There are 9534 stitches in the file with a single flower color and 9,542 stitches in the file with multi-colored flowers.

This set is available in JEF, VP3, PES and HUS.

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embroidered morning glory leaf